What Is Introversion® Training?

Introversion® Training – is a form of high intensity strength training that utilizes slow and continuous lifting motions.

The method aims at ensuring the trainee works to maximum effort in order to accomplish brief and infrequent workouts. The trainee is taken to muscular fatigue using a unique mind/body connection process. Introversion develops and takes advantage of body awareness and breath control, allowing the trainee to go beyond their mental boundaries and discover their true physical capability.

In addition, Introversion keeps the muscle loaded throughout the exercise preventing it from recovering between reps and ensuring that all muscle fibers are exhausted. With Introversion, the trainee performs a single set per exercise during which each repetition lasts 10-20 seconds. The muscle is never unloaded, meaning there is no rest between repetitions.

Throughout the exercise the trainee focuses on the breath, paying attention to quality and frequency while emphasizing the exhalation, in order to tap into the breath's ability to both increase power and clear tension. The body is also continuously scanned for unnecessary extraneous muscle tension which saps energy from the main mover as well as making the overall exercise feel harder than it actually is. As fatigue begins to set in, the trainee understands the "burn" as not being something to run from but, instead, as being the ultimate goal of the exercise and, therefore, something to make space for and examine with an open mind. It becomes just another sensation until finally the trainee can no longer move the weight with good form and ceases the exercise in a state of momentary muscular fatigue.

Introversion creates a safe workout environment by reducing the amount of stress endured by joints and by taking momentum away from the movement,reducing the threat of injury from ballistic, jerking motions. The absence of momentum also helps to isolate the main mover in a given exercise. This combined with the constant muscle load and the motivation that comes from breath and body awareness ensures that 100% effort is given by the trainee.With maximum effort comes maximum gain for body, mind & spirit!

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