I Knead You

Are you feeling all knotted up like a pretzel?

If so, you NEED US and WE KNEAD YOU...

This is our version of a Swedish massage that incorporates a variety of techniques geared towards promoting relaxation and breathing. 

We'll make a dry & stiff body feel soft like freshly kneaded dough.

That's Deep!

     Feeling overwhelmed by stress? Experiencing extreme fatigue? Are you a workou​t warrior? Does your whole body feel tight & in pain?  Are you physically beat up from life/work/etc.?​


Whatever your story is, we understand THAT IT IS DEEP...​

So, allow us to smoothen out the lumps with ease...​ What do you think about that? "That's DEEP, Yo!"​


This Deep Tissue massage includes the use of hot towels and aromatherapy to help invigorate that weary body.​

Shiat-su Happens

Daily stress will naturally shake anyone's ability to balance MIND, BODY and SOUL.

Shiatsu happens to restore that balance emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

Shiatsu is an ancient Eastern technique utilizing a map of pressure points along the body that may be pressed to manipulate the energy, or Chi, flowing within the body. This connection between the practitioner and the client is CONSTANT and NECESSARY to help identify areas where energy is blocked and then release it so the client's body will be able to heal itself again.

The Pump & Grind

A combination of Personal Training and Shiatsu Massage that helps to alleviate lower back problems and other musculoskeletal issues​.


First get pumped with a personal training session using specialized medical grade equipment that is guaranteed to make you push to that new limit as well as rehabilitate and manage unneeded pain. Afterwards you are treated to an amazing shiatsu massage that will help you:

• improve blood flow and nutrient delivery to your muscles

• efficiently clear harmful metabolic byproducts

• reduce tension in your fascia

• improve tissue elasticity

• improve your tissue's ability to absorb nutrients (micro-circulation)


With the pump and grind combo you cannot be disappointed; you will feel the strongest and the best you have ever been in your life!