Meet the H@E Team

​Here at Human@Ease we have an amazing group of fitness studio managers, yoga and cardio instructors, personal trainers, our licensed massage therapist Sue McFarland and the "tiny but mighty" Dy. We're always here to coach and train you to improve your well-being in the matters of strength training, cardio vascular health, life coaching, nutritional planning and much more. Meet our team-members below.
Dy - "Tiny but Mighty"


Allow Dy to train you with her Introversion strength training method and believe me, you'll be singing the mantra "Tiny but Mighty, Tiny but Mighty".


Dishan Elise owns and operates Human@Ease where she inspires others through life coaching, her premier B.E.S.T. Plan or just being the embodiment of a healthy person. Join her for a deeper understanding of self and the mind-body connection through her services.


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Geo - Down for Anything


Geo (aka NeoGeo for his freelancing NeoGeo Fitness training). Here at Human@Ease, Geo is a strength trainer, cardio kickboxing and bootcamp instructor (check out our class schedule).


He also writes fitness and wellness articles for our blog. He's simply a nice guy who always looks forward to offering a helping hand to assist everyone to meet their fitness goals.


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Tarek Aylouch - Ohashiatsu Happens


Imagine a Syrian prince, tall, lean and he happens to do ancient Ohashiatsu clinics on Wednesdays. Its donation based, first come, first served!


Just joking, Tarek is not a Syrian prince, but he's a fun and lovely guy who really enjoys offering his Ohashiatsu clinics (Japanese acupressure) every Wednesdays from 10 am - 1 pm (30-minutes each) so that YOU can have physical/emotional well-being and relief for the day's activities.

DM Salsberg - Former BESTie and previous Rock Star of the Month


Born and raised a Bay Area California girl, DM moved east in 2006 to explore her artistic passions.  Along the way she was lucky to find a mindful yoga community to help her nurture her creativity and cope with the demands of city living. Coming on almost 10 years in NYC, DM considers herself to have become a real New Yorker.


DM's class, Do You Yoga Deconstructed, is based on her training in Core-Strength Vinyasa and Punk Rock Yoga. Different than other Vinyasa flow classes, DM likes to take a workshop approach to allow her students to explore poses and alignment that is right for their own bodies.

Nikki Saint - "Be the change you wish to see in the world" - M. Ghandi


Nikki's a Capricorn who believes yoga is for every body - a body that bends, a body that can't touch it's toes, a body who's mind wanders, a body who go, go, goes, a body who needs to find flexibility through strength. Originally from Quezon City, Philippines, Nikki's has been in NYC as long enough to remember how rough and dangerous it used to be. 


Nikki Saint received her 200-hour certification from Yoga to the People in New York City and learned how to teach Vinyasa to large classes. To refine how she approached individual bodies, perhaps with injury and other special needs, she completed a rigorous six month structural yoga anatomy training with Nicole Katz and Esther Palmer at Yoga 216 in Chelsea.

Come in very Tuesday and try out her Ounce of Yoga class at 5:30 pm or Happy Hour Yoga at 6:45 pm.

Kan Kazakhi - "I am finding my way, both inside and out"


Kan's originally from Hawaii and he's been living in New York City for many years now. It's also where he grew up. He teaches the Tai Chi Ch'uan class on Saturdays at 10 am. His style of teaching comes from Master William C.C. Chen's Yang-style short form. Kan's been with us well over 3 years and he has a nice steady following. Though he's a certified teacher, it's also been a great learning experience for him. Plus, Kan's a Sagittarius.


So if you want to learn Tai Chi, which is about the integration of mind, body and breath, then try his class out at 10 am every Saturday

Ivelisse Olmo - "When the Ego is Lost, Limit is Lost, You become Infinite, Kind, Beautiful"- Yogi Bhajan


Ivelisse Olmo has been practicing Kundalini Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan for about eight years and Hatha Yoga for about 17 years. She received her Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Certification at Kundalini Yoga East in June 2014. 


Kundalini Yoga is a transformative Yoga. It works on your personal physical, mental and spiritual development. Kundalini energy can be defined as your potential energy. Through pranayama (breathe excercises), kriyas (physical yoga exercises) and meditations your kundalini energy is awakened increasing mental awareness, vitality, energy and creativity. It also cleanses the pyche of emotional debris and works on the nervous system allowing you to feel more calm and balanced.