Microcurrent Facial



Discover the celebrities "go-to" skin rejuvenation facial.  Microcurrent facials are like fitness workouts for your face! Microcurrent acts like a personal trainer to tone and shorten muscle fibers. Probes are placed on the designated area to re-train muscles for a new muscle contour. Microcurrent can also be used to rejuvenate skin by reducing wrinkles and dark circles, treating sun damage and acne, and improving skin quality overall to create healthy, glowing skin. Microcurrent is a great anti-aging tool. You can see a 5-7 year reduction in facial aging after just one treatment. A series of microcurrent facials can take 15-20 years off your appearance, with no risks or side effects, and with those results being long lasting. The perfect number of sessions needed to achieve your personal desired results depends on your age and skin condition, though significant improvement can be seen within the first few treatments. The effects of microcurrent facials are both immediate and cumulative. Each time a treatment is performed, the new contour maintains its position better and longer.



Microcurrent can be performed to achieve the following benefits:


  • Improve muscle tone in the face and neck

  • Lift jowels and eyebrows

  • Diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improved circulation

  • Cleared up or reduced acne

  • Sun damage treatment

  • Skin pigment improvement

  • Smoother, firmer skin

  • Improved elasticity

  • ....AND MUCH MORE!







Microcurrent Body Toning & Cellulite work


  • Works on arms, thighs, hips and buttocks.

  • Tones and tightens loose skin.

  • Increases blood circulation.

  • Effective in reducing cellulite and stretch marks.The number of micro-current treatments needed may vary based on each individual needs. For Optimal results on any part of the body, six to ten treatments are recommended.