We help to provide our customers with a means of attaining balance using different modalities that strengthen the human body, mind, and spirit; thereby making them “whole”. 

The Online B.E.S.T. Plan

Don't let distance or lack of access decide your wellness--Commit to your health and invest in your long-term well-being with this 12-Week online holistic weight-loss program. Anyone can participate in this program--no matter the distance! Individual and Group options available.

The Online B.E.S.T. is ideal for those seeking:

-an effective program despite significant distance.

-online/remote coaching, training, and food planning.

-a supportive online community of health-oriented individuals.

-access to an abundance of personalized physical and mental wellness education tools.

-...and many more health-oriented services.

Here's what you get:


  • Become a Part of Our Online Community

    • Get support and motivation

  • Unlimited Online Dietary Analysis

    • Gain awareness and insight into your current diet

  • Custom Body Assessments

    • Get the facts and actual numbers for direction and feedback

"The B.E.S.T. program easily integrated into my busy schedule. Because I am caring for my body and mind, my productivity during the day has increased. By scheduling my fitness classes in advance, I hold myself accountable to come no matter how I'm feeling. Even if I feel tired and don't want to exercise, I know that my mood and energy will improve after taking a class. My skin is clear, my clothes fit better, I feel stronger, and I have muscles popping up that I never knew were there!"


  • Time Management

    • Make and keep appointments!

  • Exercise Education

    • Learn how to track your progress, set up, and use strength training equipment.

"Since participating in the B.E.S.T. plan, I've lost weight easier than ever before, I've had more energy and more mental clarity, and I've been confident to take on endeavors, both personally and professionally, that I would not have attempted before the program".


  • Commitment and Action

    • Discover and establish clear goals and enact effective ways to achieve them.

  • Accountability

    • Acquire healthier habits and the confidence to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

  • Weekly Introversion® Strength Training

    • While not physically present, our skilled personal trainers get you set up in a gym near you, and provide access to our database of personalized Introversion® Strength Training tutorials.

"I was very active in the past, but could not stop making bad decisions with diet and exercise. This program is not only for a certain time, it's for life! That's the real goal and challenge".


  • Knowledge is Muscle

    •  We demystify the science behind exercise and nutrition.

  • Weekly Online Life Coaching Sessions

    • Recognize and get over your emotional attachments and addictions.

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