Our goal and desire in strengthening the “whole” person is to facilitate an overall sense of well-being and fulfillment, and to improve overall quality of life using one or more of our various offerings.

Introversion® Personal Training

Train one-on-one just once a week for only 30 minutes and see faster results!

At Human@Ease, we use an Introversion® training technique to give you fast & effective results. This safe & effective strength training technique is a high-intensity, low impact training method where we keep the intensity high so that your workouts remain brief and infrequent.


Sessions are customized so that you get an intense full body workout in as little as 30 minutes. Our specialized strength training equipment helps to build core strength as well as rehabilitate any lower back  problems and other muscular skeletal issues.

Whether you're looking to "tone up", lose weight, feel stronger, or just function better --a properly monitored strength training program should be your foundation to any fitness program.

Get a supportive group of 2-4 friends or family together, and try group training for a more cost effective way to have a personal trainer.


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Introversion® Group Training

Our small group training is a great way to get personal training in a group setting, and save some money in the process. The motivation in our groups will be contagious as each client builds a supportive and enthusiastic relationship with each other.


If you train harder in a group environment, then give Introversion group strength training a shot – you won't regret it. So tag a friend or relative along and split the cost to get in shape together.

What to Expect:


  • Proper Technique & Instructions: proper form and instruction will avert injury and offer optimal results

  • A Full Body Workout: our group training focuses on full body exercises to get the most out of your session

  • Inexpensive: easy on your wallet so you can buy organic food later (wink)

  • Lasting Motivation: your chances of adhering to your fitness goals increases when you work out with others

  • Best of Both Worlds: combination of strength training exercises and cardio routines

  • Build Friendships: make new friends with our awesome clients & staff


Learn more about our Introversion method here.