Our goal and desire in strengthening the “whole” person is to facilitate an overall sense of well-being and fulfillment, and to improve overall quality of life using one or more of our various offerings.

We Train You To Train Yourself

Save money and get results when you become your own personal trainer!

Gyms can be intimidating and it may be your belief that in order to get good results, you have to be in the gym at least 3-5 times per week. 


With our Introversion® Self-Training Method, we teach you to get even better results in One-30 minute session per week using a mind/body connection process.


Your first two sessions are with an Introversion® Personal Trainer and will be to instruct you on the technique, create an individualized Progress Chart with all of your settings, and create two initial workout routines.


Never deal with crowds

Only 4 people in the fitness room per appointed time


Always stay accountable

Book your workouts in advance


Be a pro on the machines 

We teach you proper form and setup


Always feel safe 

Our trained staff is vigilant about your safety and comfort

* First-time clients only / No Contract / Cancel anytime / Call to book your 1st session

Self-Training Schedule