The Magical Entrepreneur Model
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Join Britt Bolnick for a 2 1/2 hour workshop Thursday, June 20th, from 6:30 - 9 pm (starts at 7 pm???)

















The "CEO" model of starting and growing a business is killing you...because it wasn't built by WOMEN, or FOR women.

If you find yourself stretched too thin as a business owner... having more than one job, or taking care of others and growing a business... and thinking you have to choose taking care of yourself, having a family/personal life, having multiple streams of income ...OR growing your business, you're wrong.


So, if you're exhausted (but you don't know what you can do differently), or even IF there's a better way...we assure you that there IS: The Magical Entrepreneur Model.


In which you learn to:

  • Make time for you

  • Make time for your biz or creative endeavor

  • Have energy for everything that's important to you...and even how to understand, with renewed focus and motivation, what's going to be MOST effective for you in growing your business

  • And watch your income grow WITHOUT spending more time working

In this 2.5 hour workshop, Britt will to show you how to:


  • use your time effectively in your business

  • create and use time for yourself, your passions, your relationships

  • buck the badge of BUSY

  • make space to nurture sanity (this is actually a REALLY effective business tool :-))

  • cultivate actual relationships that grow your business- think "connection" vs. "networking."

  • understand what's MOST important to you, make time for it, and delegate or eliminate the rest

  • ALL of which will result in increased income with the same (or DECREASED) hours spent on/in your biz.


There will be plenty of time for personalized Q&A during the workshop

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Movement is the most potent force in developing our brains, bodies & awareness.

Dates: Thursdays May 10, 17, 24, 31 @6:45 - 7:45pm
Price: $140 per person per for 4wk workshop.

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Britt Bolnick is a successful biz owner and magic maker, living a life she loves in Maine. She has traveled a path from financial scarcity to financial independence, building a 6-figure business she loves, as a single mama working less than full-time.

Britt mentors women who are 100% committed to building thriving businesses that create visibility and wealth without compromising personal life OR sanity - teaching women to use authentic connections to build success vs. high ad-spend and common marketing hype.

Fun fact: She's used her tried and true magic time-management tool to start a non-profit pit bull rescue while also running her business, having three days off a week, and being an avid book-reader and beach-walker.