A Healthy Challenge from Human@Ease owner, trainer, & life coach:

"Give me 12 weeks of your life...and I'll teach you how to overcome eating obstacles - conquer your goals - while getting you in the BEST shape of your life...Guaranteed."

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain weight...or just looking to create better habits for your well-being....

Our Intense B.E.S.T Plan will give you the...



  • Lead a Healthier, Happier, and more Productive Life

  • Recognize and Break Harmful Habits 

  • Regain and tap into your inherent Energy and Strength

  • Sculpt and powerfully train your body for Everyday Peak Performance

  • Acquire Lifetime tools and techniques for a younger, fitter and more vital You!

The B.E.S.T. You!


Feels like you need a radical transformation?


We can make that happen!


This program is designed to deal with past conditioning and emotional obstacles related to nutrition and to break the addiction to processed foods. Clients are educated on proper diet and exercise and we incorporate methods to strengthen and improve all systems of the body. The B.E.S.T Plan is guaranteed to deliver lifelong results.


...and here's exactly how we'll deliver those results.

Knowledge Is Muscle

The only way to have make lasting change is by becoming aware of the mind body connection. We demystify the science behind exercise and nutrition.


Weekly Coaching Sessions to help you break through and overcome obstacles

Learn how to recognize and get over your emotional attachment and addictions to the unhealthy foods. These sessions are critical to your success. Our goal should not be to just "go on a diet", but to actually re-condition ourselves on how we think about food. You will gain a greater understanding about how your body reacts to certain foods, expert advice on nutrition, a structured meal plan, recommendations & strategies and most importantly, you will gain the momentum you need to reach and stick to your goals.


Custom Body Assessment & Action Plan

Get the facts and actual numbers to learn how much fat you are burning and how much you are holding. We tailor your program based on these results. We track your body weight, body fat percentage, basal metabolic rate, total daily energy expenditure and your measurements. We'll be able to clearly see your results throughout the program so that we make any adjustments accordingly.


Unlimited Cardio, Yoga and Zumba Classes 

We set you up with a customized schedule of diverse, challenging classes from Cardio Kickboxing, Yoga, Kundalini, Tai Chi, Zumba, Kung Fu and Cardio-Dance.


Weekly Strength Training Sessions

Our skilled Personal Trainers provide you with the motivation, accountability, gentle guidance and strong support to get you past physical hurdles or mental blocks. Our signature Introversion training aims to maximize your effort to minimize your time in the gym, using a unique mind/body connection process. Introversion develops and takes advantage of body awareness and breath control, allowing you to go beyond your mental boundaries and discover your true physical capability.


Exercise Education

Learn how to track your progress, setup and use equipment while mastering the art of being fit!


Commitment & Action

Here's where you step up to the plate of your life. We help you set clear goals and ensure you meet each step.


Unlimited Introversion Self-Training

After learning the method and creating an individualized chart with two (2) alternative 30-Minute High Powered Workouts, you will be on the road to achieving short-cut fitness results



In just a few weeks, you will have acquired healthier habits, personal accountability and the confidence to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Throughout and after doing the B.E.S.T Plan, you will feel committed, focused and motivated - A True Human at Ease.  


Food Journaling and Analysis

Gain awareness and insight for proper diet and structure.


Time Management 

Make and keep appointments with our easy scheduling system that puts your health and well-being at its highest priority.


Become part of our family

Get group support and motivation for unstoppable success. Share stories and offer and receive support from our network of committed current and former B.E.S.T.ies and coaches.



As an added BONUS for a limited time, recognize and break harmful habits that have been keeping you from optimum health with our Clean Slate B.E.S.T Detox & Cleanse. For a limited time, this additional service that is normally $595 on its own, will be included in the B.E.S.T Plan at no additional charge.

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“The B.E.S.T. program at Human@ease has helped transform my body and mind. The combination of group strength training, group fitness classes, group coaching, and sauna sessions helped me reach incredible results in just 12 weeks. I’ve lost 13 pounds and 5% body fat. More importantly, I have gained strength, confidence, and the tools to take care of my body and mind for the rest of my life. Even though my 12-week program is over, I am continuing the B.E.S.T. program to help me reach my long-term fitness goals. Thank you to the entire team at Human@ease for helping me change my life!” -E Wilson