Acknowledge, Take Charge, and Transform

"Give me 12 weeks of your life and I'll teach you how to overcome eating obstacles - conquer your goals - while getting you in the BEST shape of your life...Guaranteed"

- Dy Elise (Creator of the B.E.S.T Plan)

Balance Energy Strength Tranquility

- Lead a healthier, happier, and more productive life

- Recognize and break harmful habits

- Regain and tap into your inherent energy and strength

- Sculpt and powerfully train your body for peak performance

- Acquire lifetime tools and techniques for the BEST You!

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Learn more about our plans below:

The Individual B.E.S.T. Plan


For those who seek:

  • intimate personal training.

  • personalized life coaching sessions.

  • custom food planning.

  • a trainer who 'gets' you!

  • ...and many more completely personalized, health-oriented services.

The Group B.E.S.T. Plan

For those who seek:

  • lasting and meaningful bonds with health-oriented individuals.

  • a supportive community to assist in goal maintenance.

  • cooperative personal training and life-coaching sessions.

  • a healthy balance of personalized attention and communal feedback.

  • ...and many more health-oriented services.

The Online B.E.S.T. Plan

For those who seek:

  • an effective program despite significant distance.

  • online/remote coaching, training, and food planning.

  • a supportive online community of health-oriented individuals.

  • access to an abundance of personalized physical and mental wellness education tools.

  • ...and many more health-oriented services.

The B.E.S.T. Detox: Food Plan

For those who seek:

  • customized meal plans focused on forming on wholesome eating habits.

  • detoxification and reconditioning of food-associated habits.

  • accountability and structure in food planning.

  • a practical and sustainable life-long diet.

  • ...any many more completely personalized, food-related services.