About Us

The Human@Ease studio is a new revolution of fitness and wellness. Our array of classes closely aligns with our core belief that we can help our members find empowerment!

Group fitness classes at Human@Ease are centered around the practice of meditative strength for the whole body and mind. Owner, Dy Elise’ signature Introversion Group Strength Training® classes create a bridge between the two focuses of our work, offering a turn inward followed by an all-level appropriate strength training. Each class offered, from yoga to Tibetan Soundbath, from Tai Chi to Zumba, is designed to create a mind and body harmony and build meditative strength.

All of this is combined with a retail space that collaborates with local and global vendors and artisans who share in our vision and commitment of empowering the community. Every vendor and artist is committed to ethical and sustainable practices and provides products that align with wellbeing. Human@Ease aims to be a welcoming space to "show and grow" through its diverse lineup of ongoing classes, workshops, and popup community events! There is something available for everyone that promotes self-growth. Dive deeper with our well rounded 12-week signature program, The B.E.S.T Plan.